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Entry for the 2017 Awards closes on 13th October 2017.

If you encounter any problems or have any questions please get in contact with us. Winners will be announced at the TV Sports Awards ceremony, held in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Monday 23rd August 2017.
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Shortlist 2017

Best Live Event Coverage

Best Live Event Coverage



Best Sports Project



Sports Media Company of the Year



Best Sports Thematic Channel



Agency of the Year



Media Executive of the year



Best Sports Broadcaster



Best TV Rights Deal



  • Football Association international deal with IMG View statement
  • Svensk Elitfotboll (Swedish football league) domestic deal with Discovery/Eurosport View statement
  • England and Wales Cricket Board deal in the UK and Ireland with Sky View statement

Play for Change Award



  • Lawrence Dallaglio for his work with his charity– Dallaglio RugbyWorks View statement
  • Juan Mata for his Common Goal initiative View statement
  • Garbine Muguruza for her work with with Room to Read View statement

Best Live Event Coverage


BT SPORT’s coverage of the Champions League Final

Eurosport’s coverage of Tour De France

Sky’s coverage of the Lions Tour of New Zealand

Best Sports Project


(2 winners)

DAZN by Perform

The Virtual Announcer by NeuLion

Sunset and Vine’s coverage of the Rio Paralympics

ATP Media: Tennis TV

FIA Formula E Championship: Virtual reality into live broadcast

OMNIGON: The United States Golf Association’s 2017 U.S. Open

Sports Media Company



MLB Advanced Media

ATP Media

Olympic Channel

Best Sports Thematic Channel

Olympic Channel


Agency of the Year InfrontTEAM MarketingChina Sports MediaEurosport

Media Executive of the year John Gleasure (Perform)Mark Parkman (Olympic Channel)Peter Hutton (Eurosport)

Best Sports Broadcaster SkyBBC SportBT Sport

Best TV Rights Deal Football Association international deal with IMGSvensk Elitfotboll (Swedish football league) domestic deal with Discovery/EurosportEngland and Wales Cricket Board deal in the UK and Ireland with Sky

Play for Change Award Lawrence Dallaglio for his work with his Foundation – Dallglio RugbyWorksJuan Mata for his Common Goal initiativeGarbine Muguruza for her work with with Room to Read


The TV Sports Awards are presented over 8 categories to identify innovation and excellence in the sport media industry. Selected by our expert jury, the Awards will showcase phenomenal and ground-breaking work. Click on a category for more information

Best Live Event Coverage

In this age on-demand content, live sports events remain one of the few appointments to view: entertainment programmes that if you aren’t able to watch live, you’ve missed out. That is why live sports rights command such significant value, why advertisers flock to and around the biggest live sports broadcasts and why live sport is still the main driver for pay-TV subscriptions. The Best Live Event Coverage award will recognise the broadcast that took sport coverage to the next level for fans watching on TV or on the move in a live transmission between August 1st 2016 and August 1st 2017. In order to apply, please show how you meet the below criteria.


  • To what level did the broadcast achieve strong or record-breaking audiences on its media platforms?
  • Demonstrate how cutting-edge technology was used – in particular in the areas of production, graphics and data provision – within the broadcast to deepen the understanding and experience of the sports viewer
  • How did the event effectively employ their own non-broadcast platforms – such as social media and second-screen apps – to complement live coverage for the benefit of the sports fan?
  • To what extent did the live event coverage show on-air talent that delivers unrivalled punditry and analysis?
  • What was the budget of covering the event?
Sports Media Company of the year

In an everchanging and competitive landscape, it is important that sport media companies keep on top of their game. The Sports Media Company of the Year award will be presented to an organisation or agency that has majorly expanded its business between August 2016-August 2017. This can include a company that has expanded into new territories; increased its revenue; introduced new sports properties; developed new media offerings; engaged a large following; or a new company that has entered the sport media industry and undergoing a fast success rate. The Sports Media Company of the Year award will highlight the company that, despite industry challenges and competition, has delivered unparalleled performance between August 1 2016 and August 1 2017.

  • Explain the ways in which the company has expanded its business that has helped to provide an unrivalled sports experience for fans
  • How has the success of the company impacted the industry, has this contributed to growing more sports fans?
  • Demonstrate how the company has grown, this may include changing its strategy or focus to enter new markets
  • Describe how the company has used innovative or unique ways to achieve its success
  • How has the company used innovation or new media to impact the industry?
Best sports broadcaster

With new sports broadcasters popping up across the globe, established channels reinventing themselves and burgeoning operators expanding at a rapid pace, the need for sports channels to deliver a unique offering both in terms of their rights portfolio and broadcast output has never been more important.

The Best Sports Broadcaster award will recognise a broadcaster that has really made itself stand out from the crowd and is open to any TV channel that has offered live or highlights sports coverage between August 1st 2016 and August 1st 2017 and has:

  • Demonstrated strong viewership figures
  • Received a strong commercial return from either subscriptions, advertising or syndication fees
  • Showcased and invested in production techniques that have taken the broadcast of live sport to the next level
  • Strengthened its rights portfolio in respect to the ambitions and remits of the broadcaster
  • Used strategic marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the platform and its sports properties
Best TV Rights Deal

The relationship between the broadcaster and sports rights-owner is simple: the rights-owner chooses the broadcaster it believes will take its sport to the best possible audience and at an appropriate price; while the broadcaster chooses the rights-owner it believes offers sport that is attractive to its audience and which it can build a strong business proposition around.
The best broadcast partnerships are those where the two parties work closely together and in a way that enables both to achieve their core objectives.

To celebrate this, the Best TV Rights Deal award will be selected by an independent, expert judging panel and will recognise the partnership that was signed and/or shown in between August 1st 2016 and August 1st 2017. In order to apply this must be a joint submission between the broadcaster and sports rights-owner.


  • Demonstrate how the deal has shown a return on investment through an increased participation in the sport or an increased viewing figure.
  • In what way has the deal offered sports fans new or more immersive ways to consume live sports broadcasts, or created exposure to new audiences?
  • To what level did the deal open up new revenue streams for both parties, or as already delivered strong commercial results for both parties?
  • Demonstrate the ways in which the partnership has resulted in making a significant positive impact on the sports media landscape
  • Was the price of the deal commensurate to the impact made on the audience and/or industry?
Media Executive of the Year

Sports media is filled with some of international business’ most forward-thinking, hard-working and passionate people, and is one of the reasons why the business of sport has been on a continual upward curve for a number of decades. To celebrate this, the Media Executive of the Year award will showcase the Sports Media Executive who demonstrated an unrivalled top-level performance between August 1 2016 and August 1 2017.

  • How has the individual endeavored to maximise resources – both financial and human – during the period?
  • Demonstrate how the Executive has made bold business decisions that yielded strong commercial results, often in the face of challenging circumstances.
  • How have they opened up a new revenue stream, territory or sport for his or her company or partner organisations?
  • In what ways has the Executive led the development of a new product that has or will have a positive long-term impact for the sports media industry?
  • Provide examples to show how the Media Executive utilizes, in their day to day job, their breadth of knowledge and experience in sports and media
Agency of the Year

The Agency of the Year award aims to recognise the agency who has had the biggest impact on the sports broadcasting industry. This can include brokering new broadcasting partnerships and media rights deals, launching new services or overachieving for their clients. The Agency of the Year award will highlight the agency who delivered a high level of performance between August 1 2016 and August 1 2017

  • Demonstrate how has the agency launched new services that have proven to exceed their clients’ expectations?
  • Show the ways in which the agency has significantly impacted on the sports media landscape, either locally or globally.
  • Demonstrate the use of strategic marketing campaigns to raise awareness of the agency and its sports properties.
  • In what way did the agency increase its sport properties through brokering new broadcasting partnerships and media rights deals?
  • How has the company embraced industry challenges and found innovative ways to overcome them?
Best Sports Project

The Best Sports Project award will recognise the company who has delivered an outstanding project/experience that has innovatively provided sport content to its audience. This includes event, technology or digital projects, that have provided the audience with a rich sport experience and have made incredible impact between August 1st 2016 and August 1st 2017

  • In what way did the project offer sports fans a new or more immersive way to consume sports content?
  • How has the project or experience created a new revenue stream for the company or partner organisations?
  • Demonstrate how the project maximised media opportunities to make sport content more accessible for fans at home, on the move, or at an event and how this has increased its followership?
  • Demonstrate how the project has increased the way in which fans can access coverage of live sport.
  • What was the budget of the project?
Play for Change Award

It is important in professional sports that leading figures, professional athletes and sport icons do not lose sight of what really matters and use their influence and power to contribute towards making a better world. The PFC award recognises this leading sports figure who is responsible for extraordinary social responsibility work through supporting, funding and advocating worthy campaigns, initiatives and projects for children and young people.

To celebrate this, the Play for Change award will be selected by an independent, expert judging panel and will recognise a sporting individual who did outstanding charitable work in between August 1 2016 and August 1 2017:

  • What was the social responsibility work that the athlete/ foundation delivered to create positive impact?
  • What were the challenges and issues that the athlete aimed to address and how did they do this?
  • Describe the quality of the work in terms of the measurable positive impacts, sustainability of the project and the types of beneficiaries.
  • Please provide a case study to demonstrate a successful story from the efforts of the project.
  • Describe the involvement of the athlete and how they used their position to advocate this charitable work?
Best Sports Thematic Channel

The award for the Best Sports Thematic channel aims to recognise a channel or platform that dedicates itself to a specific sport and offers its sporting fans new and exclusive insight into their interests or hobbies. They may have generated a large following or provided interactive offerings to engage their audience. The Best Sports Thematic channel award will highlight the sport channel that delivered an unrivalled experience for its fans between August 1 2016 and August 1 2017

  • How does the channel or platform given fans a unique insight into the sport?
  • How have interactive engagement tools been used to inspire the audience?
  • How does the channel use varied content to engage its audience?
  • Demonstrate how the channel has expanded its following and viewership, or maintained a large followership
  • Demonstrate the audience’s level of engagement and the ways in which they interact with the channel