About Play for Change

Play for Change is dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children around the world using the power of sport to improve education and build life skills. We believe sport can play a significant role in a child’s cognitive, emotional and physical development. We want to see a world where all children are equipped with the vital life-skills that they need for their future.

At Play for Change we combine sporting and educational programmes so children can play, learn and develop. We rebuild playgrounds so children can play in safe and stimulating environments away from harm; we provide workshops so children learn the life skills they need for happy and healthy futures; and we support educational and employment opportunities to help create communities that are empowered to develop and thrive.

We have successfully launched the following programs: Khelaun Khelaun, Schools Cup, YKPA, and Slam Dunk. Learn more about our programmes, and how you can become involved in the inspiring work we’re doing around the world.

Schools Cup 2016